Be a referee

be a referee

The main aim of this website has to be the recruitment of tomorrows SPL or FIFA officals.  The World of Refereeing section highlights what can be achieved by members in this area but read on to find out how you can join them as a qualified Scottish Football Association Referees.

Firstly candidates must be 16 years of age on or before the date of the final exam.

Apart from the age requirement, there are no other restrictions to people applying to sit the introductory course.  Courses usually run for 6 weeks and are held twice a year or whenever there is enough demand.  Recruits are given tuition by a team of experienced officials led by Alan Proctor.

During the course all 17 Laws are covered preparing the candidates for the final exams which takes 3 parts.

  • A written exam which is set out to resemble an actual match.  An 80% pass mark is required.
  • An oral exam where candidates view DVD footage of match incidents and state what their course of action would be.  Again an 80% pass mark is required.
  • The final section involves a practical session.

When you have passed these 3 sections, you will be a fully trained football referee and with the support of your new colleagues, who knows what level you might reach

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