FIFA_REF_BADGEIn every sport there is an adjudicator, be they an umpire, judge or in the case of Football, a Referee.

That person is inevitably the person who knows the Laws or Rules and significantly, how they should be applied. Without the involvement of these people, sport, as we know it, may not be played within the Laws and Rules and thus they play a very important role. Their decisions will not always be universally accepted and will come under scruitiny from all angles, but they are the ones who have no interest in the result, only that any competition is fair and they give honest decisions.

Those who take on these roles generally have a strong character as well as a very good understanding of the Laws governing their sport.

The world of referring opens up to individuals, the chance to play their part, be it at minor, senior or International level. Each requires officials with the correct attributes and commitment. The higher you are able to advance, the more each of these characteristics comes under examination, but all referees do it because of the sense of achievement and satisfaction they derive from officiating within the game. The Saturday morning Referee is as important to the general movement of the game at that level as is the FIFA Referee to the top stage.

The SFA together with the local Association, provides coaching, mentoring and fitness training, all designed to get you to the highest level possible for you to achieve. At each step, someone is available to give advice or encouragement.

We will always be delighted to welcome anyone with an interest in Football at all levels to come and give it a try.

Bill Machray, Association Manager